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ClO2 Generator

is a unique device producing ultra-pure ClO2 in health and environment-safe quantities. The purity of the gas produced reaches 99.98%. Such purity cannot be generated by any other way known for the chlorine dioxide production to this date. This new method of electrolytic ClO2 gas production does not require any other chemical substances than sodium chlorite.


  • Highest purity of ClO2 for laboratory use
  • Cheap and fast production of large amounts of ClO2 (1l CDS 3000ppm/ h)
  • Low consumption: 5W, power supply: 5V (charger or power bank)
  • User-friendly, easy to store and transport
  • Waterproof and watertight (degree of protection IP68)

Method of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) production

New method of ClO2 production uses a patented electrolysis of sodium chlorite solution (24,5 - 30%).

The new method of producing ClO2 includes a special type of electrolysis with patent protection from sodium chlorite solution (24.5-30%). Only this solution can be used to generate ClO2 correctly. The produced gas is then pressed into the prepared container together with distilled or purified water, where the gas is combined with water molecules. The longer the gas is extracted into the water, the higher the concentration of the CDS (Choline Dioxide Solution).

Thanks to the power source of the generator, the electrolysis process is safe and ensures stable voltage for the correct production process. The power supply includes an integrated miniature, but powerful air pump, so that containers with a volume of up to 20 litres can be saturated.

Before starting

After startup

After 30 minutes